International Tax Planning

Helping you efficiently meet your worldwide tax obligations.

The basis of taxation (what is taxed, when, and how much) varies hugely between different countries.

There are wide-ranging anti-avoidance laws aimed at preventing people channelling wealth into low-tax environments.

Careful planning and experience are required to make sure you enjoy the lowest rates of tax available to you, avoid double-taxation, and do not waste unnecessary time on processes and form-filling. Keens Shay Keens MK can advise you on many aspects of international tax, including:

  • Corporate residence
  • Individual residence and domicile
  • Dual-resident companies and individuals
  • “Controlled foreign companies”
  • Tax treatment of permanent establishments, branches and agencies
  • The application of international Double Taxation Treaties and related claims
  • Transfer pricing enquiries and arrangements
  • Foreign currency transactions
  • Working abroad
  • Tax aspects of emigration/immigration
  • Overseas workers coming to the UK

We are used to working in partnership with overseas tax lawyers and accountants to meet our clients’ worldwide tax obligations and to minimise the overall tax burden.

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