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There’s an old adage in tax planning…

“A tax deferred is a tax saved!” Fortunately, recognised accountancy practices can help out with this. Generally speaking, the amount of profit you make is the product of actual transactions. However, the calculation of profit should also take into account timing differences. Some of these may n… More

Bogus emails from HM Revenue & Customs

We continue to receive a flow of enquiries from clients receiving emails, appearing to come from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), saying a tax rebate is due, and asking for bank details. Such emails are always bogus, and are aimed at obtaining your information for criminal purposes. Some may also try … More

End of the road for company cars?

Having lured people into going for low CO2 cars, it seems that the government has moved the goalposts for many. From 6 April this year, drivers of low CO2 cars whose benefit in kind was calculated at 10% of the list price of the car will see an increase in their car tax bill of up to 40%. More gener… More

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