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What assumptions are you making?

Stavros and Andreas were out walking in the hills when they came upon an old mine shaft.  “How deep do you think it is?” asked Stavros.

“I don´t know,” answered the other.  “Let´s drop a stone in and listen for it to hit the bottom.  They did so and waited, but there was no sound.

Looking around, they found a larger rock and threw it in.  Still nothing.

A short distance away they spotted an old railway sleeper amid the long grass and wild oregano bushes.  Each lifted an end, and with great difficulty, they dropped it in.  As they waited, listening, to their great surprise a goat bolted right between them and jumped into the hole.  There was a long dwindling bleat, but still no other sound.

They were standing there scratching their heads in puzzlement when a third man came along.  “Have you seen a goat?”

“Well, yes, as a matter of fact,” replied Andreas.  “We just had a goat run past us and jump into that hole!”

“Oh, it couldn’t have been my goat,” said the third fellow.  “He’s tied to a railway sleeper.”

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