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Our primary goal in the giving of business advice to our clients is to help them prosper and to enjoy what they do.

The giving of business advice should be based on a clear understanding of the goals and ambitions of the business and its owners. Without understanding the goals of those persons who own the business, advice can become worthless and a distraction.

Our first step in any business relationship is to meet with the business owner to discuss with them both the personal and business strategy, ensuring that these are aligned and we, as advisers understand them. Simply giving advice on individual pieces of legislation or to achieve one goal can be counter-productive in the long-run and therefore, our advice is of a holistic nature.

Our aim is to work with you, as business owners and managers, to achieve those aims, over the long term.

Business advice can take many forms, and ignoring the areas of Taxation and Corporate Finance, (which are covered in their own sections of this website), there are a common list of those areas, where we are regularly asked to provide assistance, as follows:

  • Strategic reviews and planning
  • Management reporting
  • Profit and cash flow forecasting
  • Raising finance
  • Outsourcing and accounting support
  • Computer system advice and support
  • Non-executive director support

A number of these areas may overlap with each other, and indeed, interweave with taxation and other financial planning. Some may be relevant to your business at a given point in time in the business’s life, and we are ready to help when, and if, required.

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