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Providing you with the most up-to-date services for meeting filing and documentary requirements.

Whilst recent changes in company law have reduced the obligations on companies to have company secretaries, there has been an increase in the requirements on companies to formalise their statutory filing and documentary procedures.

The pace of computerisation in this area means that organisations such as Companies House are now requiring the filing of many documents online, and this will only increase as time progresses.

We have over the last 10 years invested in Company secretarial software, which allows us to:

  • Form companies online within 1 to 2 days
  • File Companies House online documentation to reflect changes in the company statutory position
  • Dealing with the issue and transfer of shares, including the production of share certificates
  • File annual returns on a timely basis
  • Maintain the statutory records of the company, including generating board minutes
  • Dealing with statutory paperwork, such as the voting and documentation of dividends

We act as registered office for many clients, to ensure that all official paperwork is registered and documented, thus releasing our clients from having to deal with the drafting and completion of official forms and documentation. It is expected that all companies will be required to file their annual accounts online within the next few years, and as clients of this firm, this will be a natural progression to the filing of Corporation tax and other statutory returns on your behalf.

The use of software has reduced the costs of the maintenance of your statutory records, and ensures that any time, you are fully compliant with your filing obligations.

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