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We act for a broad range of clients in the private business sector, as well as acting for many private individuals, and it would be fair to say that there are not many areas of business, where we do not act.

However, over the years, we have developed a series of sector specialisms, where we have focused on special-interest groups, and organisations, who have special reporting requirements, or where a high degree of knowledge within the sector itself is required.

These sectors include the following organisations, and businesses:

  • Medical practitioners
  • Solicitors and legal practitioners
  • Charities
  • Pharmaceutical distributors
  • Motor trade
  • Farming
  • Property service charge accounts

Each of the above sectors requires an extensive knowledge of the legislation and reporting requirements to comply with the law and related taxation issues.

We have specialist knowledge at partner and staff level, within each of these sectors, and would be happy to discuss your specific requirements, to demonstrate how we can help your business prosper and comply within the terms of reference set out.

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