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Court action to collect a debt

Generally, it is possible to recover debts reasonably quickly by using relatively informal processes.  Often, this is about making sure you are talking to the right person in the debtor organisation, and finding an approach which will make them want to pay you more than they want to use the money f… More

Who needs a Company Secretary?

It’s over six years since the requirement for every limited company to have a Company Secretary was removed.  Nonetheless, many of the Secretary’s duties remain in the Companies Acts.  If there is no Company Secretary, those obligations fall upon the directors. Duties may include: Maintaining… More

Selling your business

There’s no single “right” blueprint for selling a business.  But here’s some food for thought for those contemplating taking to market something which may well have taken years or even decades to build. Identify all possible markets  –  This may include: Third party entrepreneurs E… More

Sage – The long-standing link with Keens Shay Keens MK

Keens Shay Keens MK have been associated with Sage since the 1980’s.  More recently we became a Sage software re-seller in September 2009, and a Sage Accountant Accredited Partner in January 2010. Our link with Sage gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with discounted Sage 50 and Sage … More

Cash is king

Pehr Gyllenhammar, Senior Advisor of the Rothschild Group and former CEO of Volvo, is credited with having coined the phrase “Cash is king”.  How does this translate into small and medium-sized businesses?  Even if a company has a good asset base and strong profits, cash-management will still… More

A holding company – protecting major business assets

“XYZ Limited – Part of ABC Group plc”, reads the website (names changed to protect the innocent).  It goes on to reassure us that the parent company provides “secure backing” for its subsidiary. An essential characteristic of a limited company is that it protects the assets of the shareho… More

Managing your business finances…

We asked one of our partners “Off the cuff, come up with your quick-fire top-ten recommendations to any owner-managed business for managing their finances.”  Here are the results, in no particular order:- Always create a detailed monthly forecast of profit, cash and balance sheet, before the … More

A £500,000 fine for misusing a cookie?

All website owners must comply with the new “cookies” law. If they do not, they risk a £500,000 fine. Very broadly, cookies are small files which websites put on a visiting computer in order to track visits and store information. Website owners are now required to provide clear and comp… More

Tenant Deposits and Landlords new responsibilities

A large number of individuals are now landlords, be that as a result of an investment strategy or because in the current economic climate they have been unable to sell a property that they wish to move out of. New legislation came into effect on 6th April 2012 regarding the holding of tenant deposit… More

Bogus emails from HM Revenue & Customs

We continue to receive a flow of enquiries from clients receiving emails, appearing to come from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), saying a tax rebate is due, and asking for bank details. Such emails are always bogus, and are aimed at obtaining your information for criminal purposes. Some may also try … More

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