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Multinationals to report worldwide profit structures to HMRC

Last week, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) unveiled a new country-by-country reporting template for multinational companies.  Apparently, the UK is the first of 44 countries to formally commit to its implementation. UK-based multinationals will have to report to HM… More

Small Claims Court limit has doubled in size

Sadly, however well run your business, and however good your products or services, it is almost certain that at some stage you will need to take court action to recover money owed to you by a customer. The Small Claims Court (SCC) – actually a procedure within the County Court – was set … More

ALL employers, start NOW for auto-enrolment…

Auto-enrolment represents one of the most far-reaching changes for decades in the legal requirements on employers. The essential point of auto-enrolment is that all employers have to automatically enrol virtually all employees into a pension scheme which meets specified criteria.  Employees will ha… More

The Autumn Statement – The devil is yet to come?

The devil, they say, is in the detail.  Unfortunately, one of the hallmarks of this year’s Autumn Statement, issued by Chancellor George Osborne to a boisterous House of Commons on 5 December, is that a lot of the detail is yet to come. We already knew that the Government is creating a Business B… More

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