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The hunting trip

An economist went to visit his old school friend, a woodsman who lived in the forest.

In conversation it emerged that the economist had never been hunting.  In fact, he’d never even held a gun.  With the woodsman’s encouragement, they agreed to go out on a hunting expedition together.

A couple of hours into the trip, they emerged in a long clearing.  There at the end of the clearing stood a fine stag.

With some trepidation, the economist quietly raised the rifle to his shoulder, took aim, and squeezed the trigger.  The stag started, but otherwise was unhurt.  The woodsman whispered “No, I saw some bark fly off that tree – you were about three feet to the left”.

With a deep breath, the economist raised the rifle again, aimed and fired.  The woodsman said “Nope.  Other side this time.  About three feet to the right.”

At this, the economist started dancing around, whooping, and hugging the woodsman, while the stag leaped off into the deep forest.  A little bemused and flustered the woodsman enquired “Why are you celebrating?”

The economist replied “Just as I planned!  On average I hit it!”

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